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If Not Now? WHEN?

Life Coach Larnette Winston Love Your Life Coaching LLC Las Vegas, NV


You have a burning desire to make your dreams a reality…

Is that dream to make a career change, improve your health, start a business or find your path after retirement? Maybe it’s rekindling a relationship with a partner, friend or family member? Or is it making more time for yourself, so you can be more present in life?

In full disclosure, I vividly remember 3 years ago where I experienced an itch to live in my passion that I scratched until I (emotionally) bled. But all I did was keep putting a band-aide over it and telling myself, “Not now. The time isn’t right.” There were so many other responsibilities and obligations that I put ahead of myself and I allowed procrastination (driven by fear) to take control of my dream. Sound familiar?

Have you become conditioned to the hum-drum of daily obligations where procrastination is just more comfortable… to stay right where you are? Sure, putting your dreams on hold is the accepted path to take. It’s normal to stay in your comfort zone. However, how is PROCRASTINATION serving you in achieving your dreams, today?

I discovered that sometimes the fear of failure (or success), other people’s opinions, playing the comparison game or even questioning the level of commitment in doing the work causes us to just stop in our tracks and say, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow…or next week…or someday.” But if you know down to your core that what you want will lead to a happier, more successful life, then stop the procrastination party!


Start by Organizing Your Thoughts.

Go “Old School” and put your pen to paper! Getting out of your head and into your heart by writing down your intentions brings clarity versus your dreams becoming that missing sock in the dryer.

A Powerful Part of this Process is to Visualize Your Success

Ahhh…when you achieve your dream, YES! Take a moment and close your eyes, breathe deep and bring in all your senses. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? How do you feel? What’s happening in your body? Where do you feel it? Visualizing will help you to stay connected, motivated and inspired to step closer to your dream.

I Viewed My Dream as Turtle Ice Cream Pie

As much as I LOVE this delectable treat, I avoid eating the whole pie in one sitting. Why? Well, if I ate it all, then I would feel lethargic, overwhelmed, probably sick and not wanting to taste that pie again for a long time, right? And that’s what happens with your goals when you want to eat it all at once. So, break your pie (your goals) into smaller bites by creating three (3) action steps with a reasonable timeline towards your dream; no matter how big or small those steps may be. It’s forward movement! Focus on those steps and verbalize them out loud at the start and end of each day. Continue slicing a small piece to feed your progress to the empty tin, which is achieving your goal.

These techniques shifted me from the “Oh crap, I’m stuck” syndrome to the “Hey! Let’s Get ‘Er Done” phase. How incredible would it be for you to put these tips into action for yourself?

Edward Young, a British Poet, was the 1st to say that “Procrastination is a Thief of Time.” Therefore, I made a choice not to allow time to be stolen from me. So, it’s YOUR time to take action and step into your power to making your dreams a reality.

As your Transformational Life Coach, think about how I can help YOU shut down your procrastination party. I will support you as you organize your thoughts, walk right beside you as you visualize your dream and guide you with an encouraging hand as you create your action plan.

Reach out to me for your complimentary strategy session here >>>

If not NOW, when?

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