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  a New You

We've all got that old, beat-up, yet very familiar piece of luggage that we pack our “quick-go-to” comfy items in when we take a short getaway or staycation. I know I do!

I throw it in the trunk, bang it around not caring if my bag gets damaged (further) nor am I really...


You have a burning desire to make your dreams a reality…

Is that dream to make a career change, improve your health, start a business or find your path after retirement?  Maybe it’s rekindling a relationship with a partner, friend or family member?  Or...

A few months ago, I had to endure some very unforeseen, major home repairs that put many things in my life into a different perspective.  I felt anxiety and stress about the thought of having to make a change. In my mind I questioned, “Why make a change now, when every...


How does it feel to be bound by the judgmental thoughts and opinions of others?  There is that strapping, suffocating moment where you can’t move. You can’t breathe.  Totally been there, too!

It can be exhausting, frustrating and even disa...

“Hurry! Hurry!  Gotta make the donuts!  Gotta make the donuts!”

You wake up every day at “o-dark-thirty” just surviving in busy tedious work without purpose. It’s an exhausting, frustrating feeling that is frantically waving at you to step away from the fryer! You...

Here it is.  Tonight, that one special event where you decide that you are going to pull out all the stops to look and be your best.  You want to be at the top of your game to make a great impression with the movers & shakers in your industry as you are fairly new to t...


TIME.  You put in an enormous amount of effort in making the best use of your time to get the most out of your days.  You often create demanding schedules to accomplish many obligatory tasks that just gets you through your day.

Overwhelming checklis...

“Signs, signs, EVERYWHERE a sign!”

Which direction do you go on your road to happiness?  You know what you want, yet are unsure of how to act on it.  You’ve been standing at a crossroads gazing at the arrows of life. Overwhelming, right?  The signs of confusion, lack of...

A New Year! A New YOU!  HOORAY! Change is just ahead.

Just know that this communiqué is not about New Year’s resolutions, but about connecting to what it is you truly want this year and standing toe-to-toe with the change you have stated to yourself and the universe. 


I have always viewed relationships as that “thing” that connects us to our innate need to be embraced by love in our lives.  I believed that it is our desire to have someone in our circle of life to inspire us, to adore us, to openly communicate and share in each other...

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