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Rearrange YOUR Life! Time to take inventory

Life Coach Larnette Winston Love Your Life Coaching LLC Las Vegas, NV

A few months ago, I had to endure some very unforeseen, major home repairs that put many things in my life into a different perspective. I felt anxiety and stress about the thought of having to make a change. In my mind I questioned, “Why make a change now, when everything is fine just the way it is?”

But things weren’t just fine! Avoiding the home repairs would only jeopardize my health and safety and I was forced to surrender to the thought of needing to completely clear the space for the upcoming renovations. However, the thought of this daunting task of having to physically touch every single item and decide what to do with it was beyond overwhelming!

What I discovered is that I was very in tune with stuff that I held in my hand for the 1st time in many, MANY years. To be productive in the limited time I had to clear the space, my approach was to very briefly allow myself to feel whatever the connection or memory was to that item and say with conviction, “I still totally love this!” OR, “Why in the hell am I hanging onto this?” The memory associated with each object is what made me realize why I had hung onto it for so long.

But with each connection to each item, I asked myself, “How is this serving me NOW if I haven’t even looked at it in years? How is this item connecting to my values NOW?”

So, I strategically placed boxes, trash bags and bins throughout the space which prompted a different energy associated with each receptacle container:

Bins: “YOU BRING ME JOY”- Items that still align with my values, bring me joy and fill my life every time I touch it, feel it, see it!

Boxes: “SECOND TIME AROUND“ – Items that I no longer needed, but may bring joy and fulfillment to someone who needs it in their life now. Giving back to the community through the donation process eliminated the stress of overwhelm and ignited joy in my heart that I could make a difference for those in need.

Trash Bags: “BYE, BYE, BYE, BYE, BYE!” – Items that no longer served me in every physical, emotional and spiritual capacity that would only bring stagnant energy to someone else. As I said out loud, “BYE FELICIA” to what no longer served me, there truly was a sense of freedom; a sense of decluttering of what may have been important 18 years ago, but truly did not represent my NOW.

Once the renovations were complete, I looked at the empty space and a feeling of excitement appeared. WOW, I had a totally blank canvas to create something different! A new thought, a new vision, a new energy showed up for me. Something exciting, yet with the same objects that still meant the most to me! WHHHAATTT? I stood back and looked at the possibilities of how I could create “a NEW” with old stuff! But here’s the kicker. Just by simply placing my “YOU BRING ME JOY” items in a different, new spot opened the space of excitement and creative energy that squashed my feelings of stagnation! YES!

I also relate this to when you may buy something new. A new bed, a sofa, a car or maybe even a new house! Naturally, you’re excited about welcoming in something NEW to replace the OLD, right? While acknowledging the OLD, understanding the OLD, it becomes completely irrelevant over time and an awakening happens that it no longer serves a purpose in your NOW! (This is a conscious choice.)

As in life, there are items, thoughts and emotions that you have been hanging on to that you know no longer serve you today as you attempt to move forward in your life.

Hanging on to old thoughts and limited beliefs does nothing more than keeping you in a funk and stuck! As much as I had initially resisted, my home repair experience presented itself at the most perfect time which made me look beyond the surface stuff that had clearly kept me comfortable and STAGNANT! Something that I knew to my core that I wanted/needed to change for some time. Amazing how the universe spoke, which forced me to step out of my comfort zone to see something different.

I surely do not wish for you to experience a catastrophic moment to see this as I did. However, don’t wait to be at the affects of life.


I invite you to take inventory NOW of the stuff that is cluttering your mindset in being able to move forward. Decide which items, thoughts and emotions to place in those receptacle containers and welcome a new thought, a new possibility and a new action plan that WILL reignite your excitement, your passion, your purpose…YOUR LIFE!

Happy Rearranging!

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