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"Gotta Make the Donuts" What's in your batter?

Life Coach Larnette Winston Love Your Life Coaching LLC Las Vegas, NV

“Hurry! Hurry! Gotta make the donuts! Gotta make the donuts!”

You wake up every day at “o-dark-thirty” just surviving in busy tedious work without purpose. It’s an exhausting, frustrating feeling that is frantically waving at you to step away from the fryer! You question if your life has become all about making the donuts and may have forgotten to savor all of the toppings and sprinkles that make the donut irresistible. This could very well be YOUR life!

The recipe that you’ve created in life is the base to your donut

But if all you do is continue to the stir the same batter, with the same amount of strokes, with the same thought of, “I gotta make the donuts”, it becomes uninspiring, dull and boring. The taste & smell is the same, the consistency is the same, the appearance is the same and at some point the batter is just that….merely batter! (The status quo.)

However, when you add something different to the batter, you smell, see and feel something different! Your senses are alive! You are excited and can’t wait to top the donut with your creative flavors and sprinkles that are totally irresistible to you and everyone around you!

If you’re feeling stagnant in your life, get creative and change the recipe!

Okay! Yes, I see your thought bubble in asking, “How do I change the recipe? Great question! However, I will toss that back to you. As you carefully reassess your recipe, perhaps you can begin with this thought. What IF you left the shakers on the counter that only dispense worry, fear and guilt, then stir in one ingredient that has been missing which brings you joy, improved health, super fun activities or moments of relaxation and peace? Voila! You’ve created something different and quite tasty!

I will be your assistant and help you open the cupboard, move the unproductive, self-doubt labeled jars aside and look for the colorful sprinkles of change. We’ll discover a new delectable recipe that will create excitement and spread the passion in what you REALLY want your donut of life to represent.

YUM! I love donuts!

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