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Break the Chains - 3 Ways to Break the Chains of Chatter

Life Coach Larnette Winston Love Your Life Coaching LLC Las Vegas, NV


How does it feel to be bound by the judgmental thoughts and opinions of others? There is that strapping, suffocating moment where you can’t move. You can’t breathe. Totally been there, too!

It can be exhausting, frustrating and even disappointing that you’re not meeting everyone’s expectations as they see it. Just know that it is quite normal (even natural) for us to feel the need to belong, to be validated by everyone in our circle. However, you squirm like a confident giant who has been apprehended by the little people who have anchored their chains all around you; all keeping you safe in your capture as they truly have the best intentions in your route to success.

The little people can present themselves as your boss, your friends, family, partner or co-workers which now has you struggling to be the greatest version of yourself because of their judgmental thoughts, opinions and advice on what they think is best for YOU. But you know that you are POWERFUL and have the strength to stand in your truth of WHO you are and what you really want! You are ready to break the chains. Breathe and with all your force, STAND UP! Here we go! 1…2…3!



Reflect and reconnect to your values. What you represent is your WHO! Your values are yours and yours alone and should not be compromised just to “fit in” or to make other people feel comfortable. The illusion of “fitting in” can be destructive when you aspire to be someone that you are not. In addition, you have no idea of the baggage that the little people are carrying themselves. So, do you want to pick up their mystery baggage, too?

You could also be surrendering to a situation that is suppressing your authenticity of how you really want to live your life. Living in your authentic self allows you to break free from the chains of chatter and stand in your WHO. Reconnecting to your values gives you a clear picture of how you want to show up at home or at work without all the chatter from other people. BE AUTHENTIC!


All of us have priorities which can be influenced by what others believe we need to do to be a better person, co-worker, leader, parent, partner, friend, etc. However, where is your name on your priority list of wants and needs? What is important to YOU? Of course, your helpful, generous, people-pleasing spirit wants to be all things to all people while what you want is always on a low simmer on the back burner. But what are the results of your efforts? Burnout? What are the sacrifices you are experiencing? Burnout?

As challenging as it may be, try putting yourself ahead of others, even if for 15-30 minutes a day. We commit to an exercise routine for improved physical health, right? But how much time are you devoting to your mental, emotional & spiritual wellness? Being bold and stepping into your own space could look like reading a book, catching up on your favorite DVR’d television shows, going for a walk, meditating, reconnecting with a back-in-the-day friend, etc. This time will help lift that suffocating pillow from your frustrated and exhausted face, to breathe in the peace you want for yourself and to be fully present in those important decision-making moments.


When others share their opinions and judge you, what comes up? Remember, as you stand in your truth, whatever they are saying just simply isn’t true! You are rock solid in stating YOUR intentions of being authentic. So why not eliminate the confusion? It’s your life!

Grab your megaphone and break out your spirit-fingers with a cheerleading SHUT UP routine! While others may have the best intentions, you no longer desire to be affected by what they think or feel is best for you. A gracious, “I appreciate your feedback and thank you for sharing your thoughts” is all that is needed to stay grounded in what YOU want! Only you know what an amazing life looks like for you.

Put your hands over your ears, quiet the babble of the little people and keep your eyes wide open to the wondrous world of possibilities right there in front of you!

Discover your truth and break the chains of chatter.

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