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What Time is it? Tick Tock. Tick tock

Life Coach Larnette Winston Love Your Life Coaching LLC Las Vegas, NV


TIME. You put in an enormous amount of effort in making the best use of your time to get the most out of your days. You often create demanding schedules to accomplish many obligatory tasks that just gets you through your day.

Overwhelming checklists and an appointment calendar overrun with meeting requests that do not completely fulfill your life. No wonder you are totally exhausted and lethargic at the end of each day! (Ho hum, sigh.) You feel like time is working against you and can’t get everything done. After all, you set an intention at the beginning of the year to bring more of what you want in your life, yet the lack of time just seems to get in your way. HEY RELAX! You are exactly where you are supposed to be to gain clarity in what time represents for you.

When you think about time, what feelings immediately show up for you? Focusing on how time has slipped away usually creates anxiety, disappointment, guilt and even worry of how much TIME you have left to live your life exactly the way you have always imagined it. You surrender to, “Who has enough of time? How did I let time pass me by?” You put a hold on your hopes and dreams. You, perhaps, even wonder how things would be different if you could roll back the hands of time. Oh yes, I have even asked, what would happen if I could capture time in a bottle and twist it open when the very thought of time is being depleted? Well, that thought is unrealistic, right? So, it makes sense that you have pressed STOP on your stop watch in creating something new and different for yourself.

However, is more time what you really need? In what ways could you change your thoughts about time if you could bring your hopes and dreams into the present moment? (Uh, huh. I see your raised eyebrow!)

Let’s look at a few ways to remove the block in your cog and reset your clock to what you want in your LIFE!

Your Yesterday is NOT Your Today

What consumed you yesterday, last month or last year does not represent today. Some would say that that they would rather stay where they are at to avoid the same disappointment that happened in the past. But here’s a new thought. No matter your perception that you have wasted time, that time holds valuable significance in moving your life forward. You may scrunch your face and say that it’s not possible to see it that way. But think about this for a moment. What would happen if you changed your perception that what you experienced in the past can be very helpful in identifying what you need to do differently to turn your clock forward to what you want today? Live in the Moment to make TODAY count!

Time is on Your Side

The Rolling Stones locked in on these lyrics. “Time is on my side. Yes, it is.” While their lyrics speak to a love running back, the same holds true about what you want for yourself.

Instead of looking at the lack of time, view time from a place of abundance. What a shift! Time is up to you. Time is now a gift! Get ready! Watch what you love come running back to you. Your freedom, good times and what your heart desires in all areas of your life is not so distant now. Time will be your BFF as you focus on the new, innovative and exhilarating ways you want to spend your time on YOU.

What Time is it?

Time is a perceptual illusion, but a powerful function. Einstein even discovered that there is a profound link between motion of space and the passage of time. Your motion determines where you are at NOW. No matter how quickly you jump out of the gate or slowing down in your strategic and methodical approach to your NOW, it’s important to make a choice to get off your duff and create forward motion to what you want for you! Be in control of your time.

Knowing that you have the freedom to choose your NOW opens your world to all things possible for YOU! How incredible would it be to experience your life effortlessly because your are now connected to your gifts and talents? There is no longer a need to check your watch! Time stands still. YES!

Take control of your calendar and create space for yourself to reconnect to your goals.

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