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Don't Miss Your Exit - Change is Just Ahead

Life Coach Larnette Winston Love Your Life Coaching LLC Las Vegas, NV

A New Year! A New YOU! HOORAY! Change is just ahead.

Just know that this communiqué is not about New Year’s resolutions, but about connecting to what it is you truly want this year and standing toe-to-toe with the change you have stated to yourself and the universe.

I totally get it--

Change is hard.

Change is uncomfortable.

Change is frightening.

Change has become your enemy!

Whether you want to make a change in your health regiment, your career, your finances, your relationship with your partner, spouse, family or friends…you know something different needs to happen.

Something needs to change. You want so much more in your life.

You have become conditioned to believe that making a change is out of your reach and have surrendered to the status quo.

Yes! Here I am, frantically raising my hand like that kid in the front of the class! Just like you, I have experienced that wallowing, lethargic space of, “Oh shit! Now what?”

The thought of stepping out of my comfort zone and plowing through my fear of change triggered those feelings of worry, anxiety and doubt. (Oh boy. Here it comes…Bubble-Guts!)

Then the ever-familiar feeling of AVOIDANCE showed up in my rearview mirror and I let it ride my bumper where I quickly steered off my open road of change to what I wanted in shifting my own life forward to happiness.

Better to avoid the feelings of fear and doubt than devise an intentional, clear plan to punch out of low gear, right? NOT!

Where did that get me? Still sitting on the side of the road with my hazard lights and road flares; watching life accelerate past me.

While it is absolutely normal to experience the uncertainty and fear of change, where do these thoughts take you?

Sure, you’d rather experience these emotions because it’s what you know. It’s what you are most comfortable with versus driving your life to the destination of what you want. It’s unfamiliar territory. Scary stuff!

But think about a road trip that you’ve taken for the first time. You’re following your GPS and taking in landmarks to get your bearings.

What happens the next time you take that trip? You are more comfortable with your sense of direction. More comfortable with your surroundings and even begin to take notice of all of the people, places and things that you didn’t notice the first time around. The same holds true about change.

Resisting change stifles your growth and any opportunity to achieve your hopes, dreams and deepest desires.

Pause a moment and ask yourself these three (3) questions:

  • What’s another way to look at change?

  • If you could describe three (3) ways to say “NO” to surrendering to your fears, what would it be?

  • What would happen if you released the fear, released the resistance and just embraced change?

It’s OK…Breathe. Shhhh. Listen to your spirit.

Your world becomes increasingly calm.

The negative self-chatter is diminished to a whisper where you can now hear the voice of your soul speaking to you loud and clear.

You begin to experience the freedom to create what you want in your life. You begin to connect to your purpose.

Change is now your ally!

Contact me if you are ready to take your foot off the brake and I will help you navigate your road to change.

You don’t want to miss your exit.

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