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Here Comes the Judge: Slam the Gavel on Judgement 3 Times

Life Coach Larnette Winston Love Your Life Coaching LLC Las Vegas, NV

Here it is. Tonight, that one special event where you decide that you are going to pull out all the stops to look and be your best. You want to be at the top of your game to make a great impression with the movers & shakers in your industry as you are fairly new to the company, yet have implemented great ideas that has increased productivity and profits.

You spend hours trying to pick the perfect outfit. But you keep going back to the one you know will make a statement. Yes! That stunning royal blue suit with the gold buttons and that flowing scarf secured to your lapel with a gold swirly broche. You dug through your closet and found those matching shoes and that fabulous gold chain clutch still in the shopping bag.

As you apply your eyeliner, blush & lipstick, you feel as if Picasso guided your hands to create your most beautiful, picture perfect image. You even took a risk and styled your hair replicated from a photo in Cosmo. Vavoom! You stand in front of your floor-length mirror, turn from side to side, looking yourself up and down. Then you exhale and smile.

You are complete. You look perfect. A flawless beauty indeed!

You arrive to the affair with confidence oozing from your pores. You can hear the jazz ensemble playing “Celebrate” in the distance and the venue is buzzing with so many people. But when you walk into the over-crowded room, you look around and all of a sudden your shoulders slump and the gate in your step is now soft and cautious. All you see is gorgeous, confident, high-level executives in their designer attire. You overhear brainy conversations that seem to be so over your head. Everyone has such a powerful presence! You sheepishly say, “hello” as you pass by each person without making eye contact. The room is revolving and now your confidence has been crushed. After all, your suit was on clearance at ROSS, your shoes from PAYLESS and your purse from some kiosk at the mall. You get all in your head and say, “I’m only a supervisor. What am I doing here?” However, you are vastly aware that you were invited to this event by your manager whose intent is to further develop you, for you to gain some exposure in the face behind your ideas and to set you on the fast-track in your career. But you feel overwhelmed and immediately come to the conclusion that you’re out of your league and don’t belong. What judgement have you placed on yourself and on those gorgeous people around you?

Slam the Gavel on Judgment 3 times

You Are Already Perfect

Often times in your own judgment of “I’m not good enough”, you curl up because it can be an intimidating space to imagine that you can even compete. Yeah, a normal place to be given the effort you put in to put yourself out there. You allowed self-doubt and fear to overtake your confidence. However, when you first looked in the mirror in all of your glamour, it wasn’t the outer appearance that set your confidence meter off the charts. It wasn’t the suit that made you. You made the suit! Why? Because what you saw and what you felt within you was your reflection of a confident, beautiful, intelligent, YOU that totally rocked the non-designer suit. You exuded your powerful, influential, authentic self. YOU ARE ALREADY PERFECT!

Just Say NO to Assumptions

Assumptions only brings crazy overwhelming pressure that you put on yourself when comparing yourself to those who have not even been graced by your own powerful presence nor aware of your challenges and accomplishments. Your assumptions of the shiny gorgeous people that their stature is greater than yours is purely fictional.

Everyone in every social status has “junk” that they are dealing with at work, at home, their health, finances or relationships. Release your assumptions and you will release the judgement (and pressure) that stripped you of your confidence. So don’t retreat from the gorgeous shiny people. Instead, welcome them into your circle to witness your greatness!

Believe in YOU

Remember the “why’s” behind your manager’s invitation to the event. It was their belief in your talents, your gifts and the impact you can make in being a mover & shaker yourself! And you know what? No conceit here, but you already know it!

Your belief in who you are, what you represent and what you want to achieve in your career are all you need to create the career path you desire and all you aspire to be. Trust and believe that what you have is a unique gift and you are here for a special reason and purpose. Your leadership, peers and colleagues await the unveiling of what you have to share! BELIEVE!

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