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And the Oscar goes to…Who do I need to be today?

Life Coach Larnette Winston Love Your Life Coaching LLC Las Vegas, NV

I Win! I Win! Yes indeed I was once in that space of …Which face do I need to wear today? Who do I need to be today so everyone is comfortable/happy? Dang that was so exhausting, but hey, I got to stand on the red carpet and bask in the applause of my performance! Sound familiar?

For me, disregarding WHO I am and losing my authenticity threw me into this crappy wade pool of anger & confusion; questioning my very own values and the impact I wanted to make on the world.… It literally made me ill to my cellular core. Life’s obligations and my feeling of responsibility to everything became so important that I lost myself? Then….oh yeah! With the support of my own life coach, I realized that type of “winning” was no longer important and I no longer wanted another OSCAR on my mantel. Thus, I made a conscious decision to BE ME and spread my light in that it’s OK to be my authentic self! So now I am splashing in an Olympic size pool of inner peace by just being ME!

When you become disconnected from your authentic self you can experience overwhelming exhaustion by dawning a mask or reciting a script that is appealing to others but doesn’t align with who you are, right? So…give yourself permission to think about this question. What do you need to rediscover your WHO? How can I support you as you write your own script? Message me and, together, we will create the best screen play of your life!

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