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Life's Dressing Room Put everything back on the rack except PERMISSION

Life Coach Larnette Winston Love Your Life Coaching LLC Las Vegas, NV

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to LOVE YOUR LIFE? I asked myself this very question exactly 1 year ago and what hit me right square in the face was…FREEDOM! Giving myself permission to imagine what it would be like to LOVE MY LIFE set my being on a POWERFUL path; freedom to reclaim my power and not allow others or circumstances control my destiny. The freedom to make decisions that align with my values. The freedom to create my own journey of abundance & inner peace. And…the freedom to just BE! I shared my experience with a client and suggested that he step into life’s dressing room and try it (permission) on!

When he stepped into life’s dressing room and tried it on, I asked, “What came up for you? And when you connected to it, what happened next? He shared it was awkward a first, but once he gave himself permission he was astonished that he felt a sense of relief and no longer felt as if he was in a “pressure cooker of control”. His experience of permission provided a space of calm, lightness and a new approach in how to relinquish control.

So when you step into life’s dressing room with a variety of items to try on, I challenge you to put everything back on the rack except PERMISSION. Some of you may say, “Man this doesn’t fit and it’s uncomfortable”. I would ask what do you need in order for it to be a better fit? Take a moment to think about that. For some it may be , “This fits perfect! So now what do I do with this moment? Invest in it?” I celebrate you! Absolutely invest in you! The price tag is blank for you to write in what you know you are worth. OR….others may say, “That’s nice but I have too much vested in my style to try on a new look.” WHOA! So where do you rank on your priority list and what is really preventing you from trying it on?

When you allow yourself to try on PERMISSION, you will begin to create a new wardrobe of thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Your life will begin to shift as you see people, places, things, situations and circumstances from a different perspective. So now when you stand in front of the dressing room mirror, you can say, “I love my new look”!

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